Monday, May 5, 2008

Badly Scarred, from a motorbike accident

Just to explain the "badly scarred blurb"... The full screen play to Cronenberg's version of Crash
is here:

my favourite piece of dialog is the bit i have used for the description of Vaughan on the blog... bizarrely, the screenplay replaces fuck with the word tuck... which reminds me of an old comedy sketch, where someone was parodying the dubbing of swear words that used to occur on TV. I seem to recall it lampooning Raging Bull... "You funning my sister..."

The "Maldoror Of The Motorway"comes from an Angela Carter review, I think... can't be sure because someone stole my RESearch 8/9!

James and Catherine lie naked in bed, she with her back to him, her buttocks pressed into his groin. He is inside her.

CATHERINEHe must have tucked a lot of women in that huge car of his. It's like a bed on wheels. It must smell of semen...

JAMESIt does.

CATHERINEDo you find him attractive?

JAMESHe's very pale. Covered with scars.

CATHERINEWould you like to tuck him, though? In that car?

JAMESNo. But when he's in that car...

CATHERINEHave you seen his penis?

JAMESI think it's badly scarred too. From a motorcycle accident.


Meria said...

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