Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ladybird Box For Boys

I went on a reconnaisance mission to Past Times on Saturday and saw this box of books,,9780723263067,00.html

The Ladybird box for boys has the following titles:
The Policeman, Danger Men, The Story of Football, How it Works: The Computer, How it Works: The Motor Car, Making a Transistor Radio.

So ripe for a subversion:

The Psychopath, The Terrorist, The Dictator, The Story Of Football Hooliganism,
How it Crashes: The Motor Car, Making a suspect device, How it works: Lysergic Acid

Almost a complete kit to enable time travel back to 1973 and Crash... Might get this set, and see if it's collageable. Failing that anybody up for doing some Ladybird style drawings, if i scan them in along with subversive text?

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